Windsor Meadows Apartment Homes is a 44-unit affordable housing project in Windsor, Colorado.  The property provides housing to individuals and families who work and/or live in Windsor. Please check the income eligibility requirements.  There is a waiting list.

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Century III Apartments are a 72-unit complex for seniors, (62 and older) and disabled individuals in Windsor, CO.  Potential residents' incomes must meet guidelines determined by USDA Rural Development.  There is a waiting list which complies with the UDSA Rural Development rules and regulations 

Potential residents' names are taken from the waiting list in the order their application was received, however, applicants with very low incomes receive a higher priority. 

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*The Windsor Housing Authority - Affordable Housing is partnering with the Loveland Housing Authority (LHA) to develop affordable housing options in Windsor.  The LHA mentors and helps smaller housing authorities as part of their mission to provide and maintain obtainable housing.  By partnering with the LHA, the WHA can utilize their experience, expertise, services and partner network to provide housing opportunities for the Windsor area.

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